On 21 September, all giant tortoise sculptures went under the hammer at The Royal Yacht Hotel at the Tortoise Takeover auction with celebrity auctioneer Charles Hanson. We're thrilled to announce we raised £720,500!

A Ploughshare Tortoise at Jersey Zoo
The funds raised during Tortoise Takeover will go towards building a new Reptile and Amphibian House at Jersey Zoo.

The Reptile and Amphibian House is home to some of the most endangered species that Durrell works with, but it is in urgent need of improved and more sustainable facilities.

The team has an exciting vision for a Tropical House that will allow them to continue the exemplary care they provide for these precious species.

Learn more about what a new house will mean to our team of expert keepers from Matt Goetz, Curator of Herpetology and Invertebrates.